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Our Mission 



Encouraging Prevention

by advocating for lifesaving changes, promoting early screening, and empowering others to make healthy lifestyle choices.


The risk of death from cancer dropped 2% per year from 2015 to 2019 compared to 1% per year in the 1990s. Accelerating declines in the cancer death rate show the power of American Cancer Society's continual contribution to prevention, screening, early diagnosis, treatment, and overall efforts to move closer to a world without cancer.

Ensuring    Access to Care

by providing resources and services, enabling all patients to fight cancer equally. From transportation programs to hotel & lodging, theAmerican Cancer Society offers support to patients needing additional assistance. 

Transportation serves as the largest barrier in cancer treatment in East Tennessee. The Hope Gala's Mission Paddle Raise helps to address such issues by directly funding local health partners to provide necessary means for their patients to get to and from treatment. Since 2019, East Tennessee patients have received over 33,000 FREE rides, thanks to the support of the American Cancer Society and the generous supporters of the Hope Gala. 

Knoxville serves as a leading city of health care facilities to fight cancer. However in some cases, one must travel outside the area to receive their best course of treatment. During such times, the Hope Lodge offers cancer patients and their caregiver, a FREE place to stay.  In 2019, the Hope Lodge saved East Tennessee patients over $400,000 in hotel and travel expenses. 

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Fostering Innovation


by investing funds into research conducted by hundreds of scientists and health professionals - primarily early in their careers.

American Cancer Society has funded 49 investigators who went on to win the Noble Prize - more than any health organization in the world.

With more than $4.6 billion invested in cancer research since 1946, the American Cancer Society serves as the largest non-government organization in the world to fight cancer.  From funding more - and better - treatments, uncovering factors that may cause cancer and improving cancer patients' quality of life, the American Cancer Society invests in all research angles of fighting cancer. In Tennessee alone, the organization is currently funding 20 grants, totaling more than $13 million . 

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Providing Support

by providing a national network to help guide one through their cancer experience, assuring NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE!


24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 352 days per year, The American Cancer Society provides guidance, whether you've recently been diagnosed, are currently going through treatment, struggling with post-survivorship or caring for a loved one with cancer. From day-to-day help to emotional support every step of the way the American Cancer Society has a specialists ready to help. 


Always Being Present

by celebrating our survivors and  remembering the loved ones we've lost to cancer. 


The American Cancer Society hosts events in over 5,000 communities across the United States, allowing the fight to be nationwide, but the feel to be local. From vivacious celebrations to heartfelt remembrance ceremonies, the American Cancer Society serves as a network of those touched by cancer.

Inspiring Generosity 

by motivating communities to donate and mobilizing them to act.


Over the last 21-years, the Knoxville Hope Gala has raised over $3.5-million for the American Cancer Society and the fight against cancer. 

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Save A Life, Join The Mission. 

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