Our Mission Focus


Access To Care

The Wakefield Corporation is proud to serve as this year's Hope Gala Mission Sponsor!


Our mission is to serve our customers by providing the highest quality construction projects through constant innovation and exceptional workmanship. We serve our employees and our industry with integrity, safety, teamwork and quality. It is through these core values, we extend our commitment beyond construction projects and to our local community.


As a proud partner of several charities, the Wakefield Corporation has given back to the community since its founding in 1986. It is through our focus on excellence in the community that we are driven to always look for ways to support those in need. Therefore, we could not be happier to serve as the mission sponsor of this year's Hope Gala, helping to improve access to care for those in our local area. 

Cancer is no easy journey. Unfortunately, the road to survivorship is made more difficult for some as they are faced with additional burdens. Transportation continues to serve as the single largest hurdle in cancer treatment in East Tennessee. However, thanks to the ACS Hope Gala, funds raised through this year's mission moment will benefit the organization's local transportation grant, ensuring access to treatment for all patients needing assistance in the local area. Since its launch in April 2019, the grant has provided nearly 20,000 free rides to treatment, even through the height of the pandemic. It has saved the lives of thousands, allowing patients to overcome transportation setbacks and receive ground-breaking treatments to successfully complete treatment. 

For this mission cause and more, we are passionate about the American Cancer Society and hope you will join us to Save Lives, Celebrate Lives & Lead the Fight for a World Without Cancer. 

Thank You!

Erin Wakefield 

CEO, The Wakefield Corporation